Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Farewell cardigan" + OOTD + thrifted sweaters

I had an unusually good day searching for some spiffy new clothes for the BF. I found soo many sweaters! And even a cardigan and pair of khaki colored cords!  As for myself, though I hadn't planned on looking, I found a couple of items I'm excited about.
I like to limit myself to only a few items at a time......
So many pieces went back on the Goodwill racks

"The thing about thrifting is that you end up doing alot of laundry"--at least that's what the BF says.
I guess if you're an eager beaver and you have to wear the clothes the next day. Lol. No need to state the obvious then...we are both wearing tops from yesterday.

Before I get started... Here's what I wore yesterday.
After doing some extreme closet cleaning I found this cardigan
 and wore it in a 'farewell-outfit'. This was my first outfit with my gold & robin egg pendant. Out with the old, welcoming the new.   
 It's just time guys. Sometimes you should say goodbye.
I release you little cardigan, back to the thrifting circle of life.
  • Tortoise shell cat-eye shades- beauty store (Lil'5 points)
  • Vintage gold & robin egg pendant-Value Village
  • Suede turquoise oxfords-Shoeland
  • Ann Taylor cardi-Goodwill
  • Orange pants-GenX

Here are a couple of items I bought for him....

brand new Old Navy sweater
BDG cardigan

And this super soft lamb's wool sweater from a borrowed picture. :)

And for me...
Vintage sheep brillo pad wool sweater.
Just kidding it's not too bhaaad.
 I want to possibly wear it with my yellow jeans and these "riding boots" and a collared shirt when it gets cold. Maybe?

Err...this is a little blurry. Anyway it's the top I bought yesterday. The contrast of the stripes and flowers made me think "El dia de los Muertos". So I paired it with my blue pants from GenX to brighten it up.

 Better view? Kinda. get the point.

  • JW Los Angeles tee- Goodwill (more here)
  • Crochet gold belt-Value Village
  • Turquoise pants-GenX
  • Black knot sandals-Shoeland


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