Friday, February 10, 2012

Color block, train of thought. Thrifting success part 2.

This week I also purchased some yellow pants and cool animal print loafers, that I've been wanting for a while. (Now if I can just find red pants. hehe...)

Since I was posting my finds I decided "hey why not post an outfit too". I guess this is my first "official color block" though me and a couple of my dear friends thought it was fun probably before it was "cool". Ha. Anyway...

  • Nobo Blue button down top - thrifted, Goodwill, AR
  • Green vintage cropped blazer - thrifted, Goodwill
  • Red vintage pink daffodil cord belt - thrifted, yardsale 
  • Earrings - Angie's
  • Yellow pants- thrifted, Goodwill
  • Pazo Loafers- thrifted, Goodwill

And there was also this top that I purchased with the pants and shoes....
I actually wore this top and hat with dark skinny jeans and cowboy boots today, I think I was feeling some sorta way.

  • Serenade NY  multi-color print top - Goodwill
  • Red vintage cloche hat - Goodwill, VA

I've been thrifting with a "goal" in mind lately. This is definitely not something I'm used to because I'm always getting ideas as I shop.  I'm not sure if that's a good strategy, because it doesn't limit what I'm buying. What do you think?  Ha! Well we will see how this goes.

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  1. Love the pants! Ive been wanting colored pants real bad lately. I actually went to some thrift stores 2 days ago to try to find some skinny jeans that I could luck

  2. Ah! I love all the colors! I don't think many people could pull off bright yellow pants, but you make it look fantastic!

    1. Thanks guys! Nicole maybe yard sales? I bet you have awesome yard sales where you are!
      And Hannah I was definitely "wondering" about the yellow at first, because I originally wanted red. But I'm satisfied for the moment... =)

  3. I actually have the perfect shoes that would match that first outfit perfectly. How do I post a pic? It would be considered thrifty cuz I bought them with my JCPenney discount. Just sayin...


  4. On the subject of color block, I think it is a gift when someone can put things together that, to the average eye, would not normally go together. IJS! I could never get away with some of these looks; lol. Great job Armanda.

  5. @Chlo I'm not sure if you can... I know you can post links though! I have to come by and see what kind of thrifty deals y'all workin with over there. Lol since the change over...

    @AP thank you! AP you know I think you can wear whatever you want and be rockin it... Hair to shoes!!

  6. @ Mandy. Not quite like you though, girl! Lol.