Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thrifted: Practical Sweaters + Wool Pencil skirt

 The level of disrespect that this winter is about to show my bones is unreal, or so I've heard. 
In preparation Mr. Thrifter and I went out to get some sweaters from Savers thrift store. Savers was my second favorite thrift store back when I lived in Arkansas. They always had really cool merchandise in great condition for awesome prices. This Savers in Queens wasn't much different from the Savers I reminisc bout. The also had tons of great merchandise for reasonable prices. 

Let me start by saying sweaters are so hard for me to buy. I like to look at them but I don't like to buy them.  I guess I don't like the idea of having to pull something over my head when I get hot. It's just so inconvenient for thrifting, spontaneous running, having the heat on, driving, or when my hair is slicked back. It could also be that I'm extremely picky, and thrifting for sweaters is a real process.
Since I prefer woolen, old, practical sweaters I have to check for holes and unwravling like crazy.

And again I have to have just the right sweater if its gonna ruin my hairstyle. 

Here's what I decided on:

vintage Tricots St. Raphael sweater 
  • such a classic navy sweater pattern!
  • actually warm
  • I can wear it with all of my button downs and the new yellow skirt
  • Pattern mixing can happen because it's pretty neutral

Eagle Point rugby sweater
  • It's practical
  • I can wear my favorite brown velvet blazer with it!
  • Super comfortable
  • I love this particular shade of green 
  • Easy to wear 
  By the way both of those are men's sweaters pulled from the men's section. 
Just another reason to go through the entire store....

90s Ann Taylor short sleeved sweater 
  • has detachable shoulder pads 
  • short sleeved 
  • I can layer under it
  • Warm sweater-y material
  • I wanna wear my black coated denim pants with this now!
Yay! I bought sweaters you guys. Ones I actually like. Maybe I should say "Yay I bought longsleeved tops". I think its easier for me to just buy short sleeved things because I like jackets and blazers so much.

I have a thing for vintage wool skirts in case you didn't know, and this one really made my day. 
It's yellow... like golden yellow! What's not to love?

In Atlanta I could skate by with short sleeves jackets and scarves on some winter days...I have a feeling NY will be a whole other animal. We shall see...
 Happy thrifting ya'll!


  1. Hey there...I see you made it out to Savers...I was just there on Tuesday...I almost bought a leather couch...until I caught myself...UGH! The have the best furniture and prices...You know there are two Salvation Army's near there...You have to let me know the next time you go and I'll meet you the sweaters...

    1. The prices were really reasonable compared to what I see over this way. I totally didn't see the Salvation Armies. I will definitely let you know next time I'm out that way so we can meet up!

  2. Yay! I'm so proud of you: you actually bought sweaters! :-) You just gave me a great idea, too! I thrifted this black--kinda glittery--sweater with gold buttons running down the back last year, but I never wore it. The first sweater you posted reminded me that I still have it! AND I bought pencil skirts (one of them made of wool) this weekend! :-) I'm so paring the two next week. Now, there's the question of shoes.... Hmmm.

    Also, loving the Ann Taylor short sleeve. I can definitely see that paired with a button down, some sort of statement necklace and a nice pair of jeans. :-)

    1. Whew! I know...I bought another one that I'll add to a later post soon.
      That sounds like a cute outfit, and you have quite a few shoes to choose from! lol!
      I'd say a tall boot might be cute or maybe a bootie.

  3. Oh! ...and what an awesome color on that wool pencil skirt! So jealous.