Friday, August 24, 2012

Golden velvet sofa + Oufit of the day(s)

I had wayyy too much fun taking an entire thrifting-therapy day last Saturday. I bought a couple dresses and a couch... No big. Yes a whole entire couch! YAY! lol. So after going through much trouble all week I was able to finally retrieve my prize. 
 I bought this yellow velvet couch with button tufting  from FODAC thriftstore for cheeeaap! So cheap we won't even discuss. No weird smells or dust, or spills either. You can tell it sat in someone's house under plastic since the 50s. I love FODAC because they are in somewhat of a discreet location and they sell great stuff for next-to-nothing.

I am extremely proud of myself because I rented and drove a mini van, and had the couch loaded up...then unloaded (by myself) and returned the truck! Go me.
I had to use two high chairs to get the thing out, because vans don't come with ramps. (Who knew?)

Pictures of it in it's new setting coming soon.

Love these! They are like green jade-ish jolly ranchers.

Bought this dress!

No. Not these old school Jordanche built-in overalls

Loved this peplum dress, but it didn't fit.
This is clearly only a side view for a reason.

I really liked this dress! I bought it.. and its going to be rather warm due to it's 100% pure  Polyester essence. Yikes. 

This was really cute! But also way too  big. Oh well.
For $0.25 I should have tried to find someone to wear it right?

St. Vincent de Paul, 4686 Rockbridge Rd. Stone Mountain, Ga

Here is Tuesday's outfit.
This is me at Goodwill... trying on more clothes of course
  • Western buttondown -Goodwill
  • Obi belt/wrap belt-Sugga's Thrift Boutique
  • Wide strap color block sandals-Target ($7 and Target did that!)
  • B & W "paint splash" skirt- Goodwill
Yesterday I was feeling kinda colorful...kinda. It was one of those days where I
"Went for it" but then suddenly changed my mind. Haha!

  • Beige pumps- Shoeland
  • Tank-Cititrendz (go there, get basics)
  • Red & gold beaded layer necklace- 99 Warehouse
  • Vintage green "JCpenny" skirt- St. Vincent de Paul Thriftstore (A new favorite)


  1. falling out with excitement about your outfits and that couch!

    1. I knooow! I started decorating this weekend,suuper excited.

  2. Okay, the sofa...crazy good...and you rented and drove the joke...I'm inspired...

    1. Aw thanx! I have to post some pictures of the new setting.

  3. The couch...I don't know how you did it! It usually takes two hairy men. lol
    LOVE the green dress and that last outfit with the green skirt and striped blouse. I also like the black and white skirt. Hope you bought this stuff!

    The .25 shirt look like McDonald's lol

    1. LOL! Hairy men?! Hilarious...this is true. But I had no choice but to work it out. I did buy the green dress!

      I'm so mad you had to take it there, McDonalds? LOL! hush.
      That was also 1000% polyester, but it could be fun!

  4. This is Chlo, btw. Not sure why my doggy's picture doesn't show up on here.

  5. cute...but ditch the overalls, farmer joe :)

    1. Haha! Yeah...the overalls were a "no-go". I just found it quite hilarious that they were actually...attached.

  6. WOW- you are amazing. All of the stuff you found is totally stuff that I would have looked at once and put back, but you just make it work! And that couch is fabulous!

    1. Aw thanks so much, I just have an affinity for old and weird things i guess lol! I'm loving my new couch... though it's been interesting decorating around it to say the least.