Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Housing Works, Buy the Bag + Camera Bag

Today ventured to Sunset Park because I noticed the building in the photo below. 
"One bag. All you can stuff. $25."
My dad taught me to pack military style... do you know how many outfits I can fit in a standard backpack? Please.

Now I knew It was a bit late in the day to hit up this kind of thrift store but honestly, I only planned on taking a peek, so it was cool.  

I strolled around reading the signs and taking a few photos.
There are some rules like 'the bag has to be able to close', 'no individual sales'...and things like that. One awesome rule that may apply only this fall is 'if it won't fit into your bag because it's either a large luggage bag or coat, it's $5!'  How cool is that?!

  Though they had lots of great stuff, even as late as I went, you should probably go earlier in the day around 11:00 am, when they open. 

 All of these tubs were full of brand new merchandise for the next morning. 

Everything was lightly organized but still kind of mixed up. 
If you are a first time thrifter, or someone that doesn't like to do the extreme searching I'd start with Salvation Army or Goodwill before coming here.

Oh, so apparently there's this thing called Power Hour ....
"Saturday Power HourGet a head start on your bag stuffing! Buy Saturday Power Hour tickets for just $5, and shop from 10 – 11 am before the crowd. Only 50 Power Hour tickets are available each week. First come, first served"
Thrifting is clearly a cardio intensive sport. Didn't you know?!

See it's actually kind of organized

 This interesting vintage handbag was cleanly missing the whole bottom, but It looked completely intentional. A diy gone awry it seems. 

I like this table runner or throw. Someone will probably buy it and take some Rit dye to it! 

Loved this ultra soft leather bag! It had little scratches on the front and sides but it kind of added something to the ridiculously soft exterior. And of course I couldn't resist the structured top of the satchel! It also has a cool push-pinch button closure and those dowel rods that structured bags often have. 

When I looked a the inside pocket pouch flap I noticed its actually a glove tanned leather Coach. I think its a vintage Coach from the 70's. It's difficult to ID Coach bags before 1994 because there's lots of misinformation about authenticity and Coach doesn't seem to have a system that anyone completely understands for dating. 

 I've been looking for a bag large, sturdy, and yet soft enough for my camera and here it is!
I'll probably have to put something in the bag to hold the camera steady.

After I purchased it and took it out of the florescent lighting I noticed it's actually a pretty reddish brown! Cute inexpensive camera bags are hard to find, but I got mine for $5, so I won't complain.

My next trip to Buy the Bag will  probably be on a Thusday when I have more time to kill.Check out their website to find out more about the organization that sells all of this great stuff by the bag!
159 28th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232, 718-840-2923


  1. Great find! I'll have to look for an Housingworks in my area.

    1. Thanks! You have to check it out, it was amazing! :D

  2. OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have to come visit!

    1. I know! We will go, but we must go strategically!

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