Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thrifting Finds + Photoshoot

Today I talked my boyfriend into playing dress up, so we decided to gather a few of our recent thrifting finds and have a "photoshoot".  I still can't believe he agreed to this ya'll.

  • Brooks Brothers sportscoat- St.Vincent de Paul Thriftstore
  • Liz Claiborne paisley button down- Goodwill 
  • vintage painted wood necklace-Value Village

  • vintage corduroy (sorta peplum) blazer-Goodwill
  • pleated vintage NewYork & Company-Goodwill
  • Liz Claiborne paisley button down-Goodwill
  • brogues-Goodwill 

  • sage green cardigan-Goodwill
  • green gingham button down-Goodwill 

  • herringbone blazer -Goodwill
  • brown vest-Goodwill
  • striped tie-Goodwill
  • green window pane button down-Goodwill

  • J.Crew sweater - Goodwill
  • Plaid button down - Goodwil


  1. Omg! Look @ D! These are great finds, Mandy! I love everything. ...And I'm jealous. Good combination idea for the faux leather. I might have to try this for the office.

    1. Thanks! He was surprisingly down for this; I'm still shocked. you know I looove those faux leather pants you have, you can def do that and more with those too.

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  4. Woo Goooo Boyfriend!
    I like every single one of these looks, but I especially like the herringbone blazer and the way you matched that with the vest and tie. Yall lookin' good up in here!

    1. Thank you Chlo-flo, I like that one best!

  5. Hey,

    I love this idea...the two of you showing off your thrifted finds...Very original...I know it's hard to get the guys involved...but, I think this should be a many guys don't know how or what to thrift...this would bring more eyes to your this post.

    1. Thank you! It is kind of difficult to get guys in these stores (Luckily he's addicted to thrifting now too), but taking photos is another story.
      You're right, I will have to make this a feature....

      I'm so glad you are back by the way! :D