Saturday, February 4, 2012

A horse named Opera... and my new leather jacket

You know how some thrift stores like Goodwill have "specially priced items"? Well I was hesitant about picking up this brown leather jacket because I was pretty sure that it had been misplaced and had a $20+ tag attached to it somewhere. Not to mention I saw another customer with it earlier, why would she put it back? So I decided to take it to checkout and see what happend. 
$6 happend!  Score.   
 Yesterday I decided to wear it with some brown leather boots that my mom bought me years ago from JcPenny.

While I was at Sugga's Thrift Boutique in Buckhead, this guy rode by with his horse and it became a photo moment. This gorgeous horse's name is Opera. I can't explain it but her name was so fitting. You would have to see her in person to see what I mean. I petted her before I got on because I think it's kind of rude to just hop on. I mean I don't know anything about horse riding etiquette but....

The size of the horse was crazy...and she was solid! I just can't get over how large she sounds weird but it's crazy being close to a living thing so much larger than you. Its kind of humbling. 


  1. Look at u rockin that long hair and leather jacket. The pictures are great. That horse sure is a cutie :) How the hell did u get on her?!

    1. Thanks! Oh the guy pretty much threw me up there.... yeah. I was afraid I was gonna hurt her!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! But bahahaha at horse etiquette. ;) Looks like it was fun, though.