Monday, August 13, 2012

Thrifting in the Mountains

Today I am wearing one of the dresses I thrifted Saturday! It's a pencil dress.
Here's a sneak peek.

I will say it had one of those terrible "En Vogue"90s, 6-inch side slits and spaghetti straps.
 But I think it was the pattern and color were it's saving grace. I think you can update and rock just about anything though.  

Saturday  I climbed Kennesaw Mountain with a couple of friends.
It was such a great experience and quite a serious workout. I mean... the downhill jog was crazier than the uphill climb for some reason. Great, great work out. It was sunny, but the trees kept it about 72 degrees in the shade, so it was excellent weather for this outing. 
Unfortunately, due to a lack of sufficent exercise in recent weeks I was not able to capture the moment(s) like I would have liked. Lol. One of my friends did happend to snap a quick pic near the top

She sent a text with it "...just in case ya'll missed the view from breathing"

::fun times::

I am looking forward to going back soon! While I am sore today, I'll admit, it was totally worth it. Since we were in Kennesaw, which happens to have and abundance of little country thrift shops, we decided to try our luck around town. It wasn't one of those days where I wanted everything, possibly because I had just run down a mountain, but it was a pretty good day for thrifting anyway.

I'll post what I actually purchased later, but just to give you an idea of the terrain..... here are a few photos.

So many colorful late 80s/90s dresses guys....I mean so many! I kind of liked all of these, but none of them were actually my size. They were all updateable...well most of them. The pinky-plaid sundress though...believe it or not it's made out of heavy windbreaker material. Like that swishy pants work-out stuff from the 90's.

But...I really liked this little saucer. Those who know me, know that I  have a "thing" for cups and plates. Wouldn't it be perfect for storing little gold rings and pearl clip on earrings?

Shorts that we tried on.... I liked the highwaisted-jean ones, with the big 70s pockets...but my friend decided not to get them. They were suuuper cute on her though!

This old vintage clutch was super heavy! The only turn off, which I guess would have been a turn on for some, was the interior.  It was legitimately the fur of some kind of unfortunate mammal. I just felt icky after opening it. I think aside from it being an animal at one point, the way it was so crudely sewn/glued in bothered me.
Poor thang.

Moving on... ::happy place::

I looove this old beach chair! There were two and I really wanted them...but I have no where to put them...yet. Okay, now that I'm thinking about it...they would have been really cute in the backyard. I want to do one of  those rock or sand pits in the back yard guys.

Like this one from my Pinterest board "Garden".

This one from Hall Fleming ('s) tumblr.
Neato! (And I think this one was a DIY project.)

While we are talking about thrifting....
Here was Friday's outfit.

Haha...these photos.. I just don't know.

Green cargo skinnies-Genx
Striped tank-Genx
Woven "mesh" vest, Goodwill
Gold chips necklace- Goodwill
Beige and black wedges- Shoeland
Leather Aldo bag- Goodwill

Sooo...I will post my thrifted finds from Kennesaw soon!

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