Saturday, June 16, 2012

Black Maxi Dress + Denim Jacket + Accessories

One of my really good friends visited this week! I was super excited to be able to see her again and act foolishly in public. Haha!  This particular day I met her after work and we went for a really long walk and reminisced, talked about life thus far and the future.

I was really excited about my new rings and wanted to accessorize heavily with this dress and jacket, otherwise it would have been too toned down for the beautiful weather! Pictured here is the arm party I created! (I know the accessories are doing the absolute most right? I had to guys. Haha!)
  • "Lips" ring, studded ring - Beauty Supply
  • Fabric friendship bracelet - made by me!
  • Beaded bracelet- Thrifted
  • Yellow watch bracelet- American dollar
  • Shoulder bag- Walmart (Literally had since the 8th grade!) 
I was going for comfort and breeziness with this 3 quarter length sleeved maxi dress and thrifted 

My mom actually bought this dress (I think for $3!) at a sale somewhere. Great find mom! 

This was such a great day! Isn't it always great seeing friends you miss (followed by ridiculous amounts of laughter)? It took a lot out of me not to add some of those horrible mid-laugh photos that usually end up on facebook anyway. Lol!

Speaking of friends you should, if you haven't, check out my friend Shainna's blog
A Thick Girl's Closet. She blogs about fashion trends and celebrating women with curves!

Everyone have an awesome weekend! 


  1. Lip ring EVERYTHING!
    Goo Shainna! She looks so pretty.


    1. Thanks! I know Shainna be doing her thing right?!

  2. awww Manda Panda!!! thanks for the shoutout! i miss the hell outta u. btw i will be stealing those earrings from you mmmmk thanks

    1. Of couuurse! I miss you too! Yo...swiper no swipin in this B!

  3. Super cute Mandy and the arm party wasn't too much, actually. It went perfect with the bold earrings! ;-)

    1. Thanks Apeezy! You are like the arm part high-hostess so i believe you. Lol! I didn't rock bracelets as often until I met you!

    2. Hahahahahaha @ "arm part high-hostess..."