Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shop Thriftionary! It has arrived...

Hey guys!
As you all know I've just moved to Brooklyn, New York! (Whoop, whoop!)
And lately I've been working on my online store!
Nearly all of what you will see is either vintage or handmade with a few exceptions for unique pieces that I really enjoy.
The photos below represent a very small part of what's already available on Shop Thriftionary.  I have a bout 50 items listed so far, and believe me that is not even half, so changes will be made often!
Thus far, sizes range from 0-16, because I haven't gotten around to listing clothing 16+ or purses yet. SO much to do! You can view my entire assortment thusfar here:

and on Etsy

I've been playing around with the storenvy shop as well as one on Etsy, and I'm not sure which one I like better. I just listed a couple of items there for the first time a few days ago, so I can't make much of a comparison yet. Which site do you prefer as a shopper or seller? 






Check out Thriftionary's Facebook page where there will be a link to the shop as well! :)


  1. OMG...It looks great...and I know how time consuming it is to put it all together so professionally.

    1. Thank you! It does take so much time, but I should have quite a bit of that for a short time, so I'll take advantage.

  2. Mandy!!!! Yay; I'm so happy. It looks great; good job, mama! Congrats.

    1. Thank ya! There's still so so much work to do on it.... whew!