Friday, September 6, 2013

OOTD Hers & His: Sequins + Plaid + Dots

Hi guys! Here's what seems like a long overdue "OOTD" post of Mr. Thrifter and me.
Yesterday, I ran some errands, prepped supplies for a DIY project, had to go into the city and such. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible in the heat, but not quite jeans and a t-shirt comfortable. Instead I went for the same idea with a beaded and sequined top. I kept it pretty simple as you can see.

I should also mention that I had about 10 minutes to get dressed hence the simplicity of this outfit.  
You know I like to wear a necklace at the very least, but there was no time!

You might remember these earrings from one of my last Value Village trips in Atlanta 

Here's an up-close look at the bead and sequined top. 

Not pictured is the Etienee Aigner belt that I wore. Its just a skinny belt that's about the same color as my penny loafers and has a brushed gold buckle. The one from this post. 

penny loafers- thrifted, Goodwill 
ear bobs- thrifted, Value Village
vintage Jones New York top- thrifted 
plaid, leather Carryland purse- Mom's closet (Thanks Mom!)

Mr. Thrifter took the photos of me, not too bad right? :)

 It seems like everyone is searching for Dooney and Bourke bags at the thriftstore, but I'm always drawn to Carryland. This green plaid one is my favorite! My mom gave it to me while I was in college, or should I say finally released it to me while I was in college. Carryland is one of those brands I can tell she really liked because she kept a few of them stashed in hat boxes at the top of her closet (where she thought I wouldn't find them). Lol! 

Mr. Thrifter was also keeping the outfit basic, just wearing his favorite shoes and one of his favorite ties. Comfort is often key in a new environment. 

black dotted tie- thrifted, Goodwill
button down- thrifted, Goodwill
grey trousers- thrifted, Goodwill

 I can't quite tell what material these pants are made of because they're tagless. They aren't polyester though; he has an allergy to polyester. So, I've concluded that they are either vintage or part of a bespoke suit that he got lucky to find at Goodwill in his size.

 It was Mr. Thrifter's second day at the new job, so I was lucky to get these shots in as tired as we both were! We met up at a train station after work and walked home together. (Now that was quite a hike.) On the way a guy stopped us to ask for directions and it really shocked me how quickly I re-directed him without thinking twice. It seems like people are always lost in New York, but contrary to popular belief there's always someone around to kindly help you find your way.


  1. giving directions and everything...Do I spy you in a backyard? Nice. So, school started...Mini goes back on Monday!!!!! Did you look into vending in Manhattan? I got a gig decorating an first b-day party for a wonderful indian couple...they are pulling out all the stops...and I'm so excited...color and fabric will be everywhere...

    1. I know! LOL! I can't believe I can do that now. Yep, thats our backyard that we share with our landlady. She keeps it very pretty. I did check out the Hester Street vending place so far, they need people for Sundays. I am soooo excited for your b-day gig! That will be beautiful, you have to take tons of photos, and if you need someone to DIY with you or party favor stuffing labor let me know. :)