Monday, August 5, 2013

Thrifting Finds + Salvation Army

Hey guys! I told you I would share some of my first thrifted finds here in New York. Here are just a few things I've found at my new favorite Salvation Army.

This Bebe pencil skirt is fun! The python pattern has these clear sequins all over it, making it kinda sparkly and it fits perfectly! Yes, it's got some early 2000s qualities about it, that I usually avoid, but I like it!
I have a few outfits in mind....I'm thinking denim, orange or yellow neon, obviously black, maybe some fun pattern or print???... In the fall a cream oversized fuzzy sweater would be nice to pair it with. I feel like that's kind of a classic. Oversized sweater + pencil skirt. 
What do you think?

Bass grey patent leather wooden wedges! 
 I love the mix of materials, wood and patent leather....

These are actually men's shoes, but they are my size and in nearly perfect condition, so of course I couldn't resist. The punching detail, and pointy toe made these stand out to me among the rows of great shoes at the Salvation Army. And for $7....

I needed a cropped top to handle the weather here, but of course I wouldn't settle. 
This is my new vintage cropped top with pretty teal, gold, green and black embroidery! I've already worn it once, but I will do a "formal" outfit post when I wear it again. 

One thing about living in New York is realizing that you can't have everything you see.
There's just not enough space for every lone yellow velvet sofa, and the odds of you finding one that you will want to haul up (or down) several flights of stairs, and through a freight elevator are much slimmer. Luckily the elevator thing isn't an issue for me, but space sort of is.
Well that's what I will keep telling myself for now, there will be plenty of time to look. 

I feel like I did that "thrifting-with-a-color palette-in-mind" thing again subconsiously... weird.

Anyway, new notes from a thrifting adventure coming soon......


  1. Awesome finds! if you see any size 12 shoes...keep me in mind ;)

  2. I love it. It's funny how certain colors will find their way into your cart...stunning. And I feel you on the couch problem...UGH! I have soooo many chairs in my apartment it's not I can't leave them...have a great weekend...

    1. Yes! Chairs are a weakness for me! I haven't even bought one! Maybe that's what I should be doing today....

  3. Hey Mandy! :-) LOVE, love The wing tips, girl and the pencil skirt. I vote, YES for Bebe pencil skirt + cream oversized fuzzy sweater! Perfect.