Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend Thrifting Finds + Rustic Theme

Saturday, with no yardsales to be found on my side of town, I decided to do some light thrifting with Mr.Thrifter. This weekend was the Final Four, so there were all types of festivites in the city, including a free concert featuring artists Ludacris, Sting and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ...to name a few.
As you probably know by now Macklemore is an artist well known  for his song "Thrift Shop". It's quite creative and hilarous, so take a look if you don't mind a few "choice words" here and there. lol!

Anyway Mr. Thrifter said he'd rather actually be thrifting than watching a guy rap about thrifting in a crowd of people. Fair 'nuff! We went out to see what Roswell had to offer.

Here are a few of my latest finds.

 There were actually two pairs of these brand new Smokey Mountain cowboy boots at Value Village.
I really like all of the metal detailing!

Someone dropped off a few of those bone and glass bead necklaces in Goodwill, I decided to pick just one. I could spend all my thrifting money at Goodwill accessory counters.

 One of these 3 strand bone necklaces would usually cost about $40 at the African markets and festivals in the park downtown...
 Sooo.....for next fall/winter, I'll be wearing this vest over a body suit of some sort.
 Hmm...or an all over turtle neck maxi dress.
NY here I come in a few months..... pray for me ya'll. lol!

I was a bit excited when I snatched this clutch out of the basket above the clothing racks at Goodwill.
First I saw the gold corners, then I opened it up and saw the chain attached to the change purse....
It just kept getting better!
The flip out mirror though!?
I was waaay too excited. I've been looking up Lou Taulor, but I haven't been able to find much information about the brand. In my search I've noticed people saying "Lou Taylor", but the mirror has "Taulor" engraved in the top of the gold frame. I did read somewhere that the Mirrors are 14k gold.
I just think it's a cute clutch.

Typically I don't buy tops like these; you know silky polyester blouses with buttons all the way up the back, longsleeves etc. I just really liked the pixelated paisley design on this shirt and the bandanna style collar.
I did try it on to be sure I could button at least the top 4 buttons.

This blazer from Goodwill had me simply at the shiny black and gold buttons.
It's also sort of boucle style and tailored at the waist... 
Did you notice the semi rustic theme here? As I was placing the photos I realized that maybe I was buying items around this theme. I guess that happens sometimes.
Am I the only one that shops thematically by accident?


  1. Love that clutch, faux fur vest, and blouse!! #bravo :)

  2. You know I Looooooooove that clutch! ...And you're definitely gonna need that vest in Brooklyn come winter--it is NOT a game in N.Y., girl. But it'll be perfect for you: you have such a great sense of style. I like the idea of paring it with a body suit or turtle neck maxi.

    1. Thanks APeezy! I'm afraid of that kind of winter weather...lol. Getting chills thinking about it....

  3. Loved the boots, the necklace, and I want that sexy clutch! Omg! Is gorgeous!!! Wish I could go shopping w you!

    1. Thank you Mariangeli! I'd love to plan a group thrifting adventure! :D