Friday, February 10, 2012

Indigo Jeans and Red Blouse... Thrifting Success!

This week has finally come to an end... well almost. I finished up with some great finds and I'm super happy!  Let's start out with my awesome mommy jeans.  In my last post "Monday Thrifting Adventure" I talked about the retro jeans that I wanted specifically vintage high-waist, bell bottom.
I found something similar and better than I imagined... AH! They have an interesting white rope detail around the waist and back pockets, they're a dark indigo and they're really durable. I'm so happy because I started thinking about buying these on
 Glad I didn't.

  • Red striped vintage blouse- thrifted Goodwill
  • High-waist vintage jeans- thrifted Value Village

At two different Value Villages I sifted through thousands of jeans before I found them... for $3.50! Unfortunately VV doesn't have fitting rooms and I cannot buy jeans that I haven't tried on. 
Annnnd I did not follow my own rule. WEAR LEGGINGS when I'm on the prowl for jeans!
Which brings me to....

DefinedThe Changing Tent Maneuver
I ended up having to cleverly morph into the jeans in the open. Basically if you've never done it before this move is a LIFESAVER!  For those of you who don't know this is how you do it. 

1. Find a long, bulky prarie skirt, you're gonna need some room in the tent. (And a mirror) lol
2. Put the skirt on over your jeans, waistline just above your belly button.
3. Now wiggle out of your jeans and slip on the other pair (all under the skirt of course)!
4. Remove hideous prarie skirt
5. Look in the jeans/hate jeans
6. Put prarie skirt back on, and Repeat

After I've worn these jeans around a bit I can tell why our parents were horrified by the low and extra low rise jeans that became trendy.  However, I find these vintage jeans much more "sexy"... they give you curves where you have none! Trust me... better yet, go find some!


  1. oh how i love this lol I love the changing tent maneuver! may have to try this!


    1. Dude... it's SO necessary when places refuse to have dressing rooms! Lol

  2. OK! I see you. And I love this!


  3. Your public jeans-changing strategy is genius! And those jeans are an awesome find.

  4. Thanks Hannah, gotta do what you gotta do! Lol

  5. LOL @ The "Changing Tent Maneuver." I know alllll about this. We use to do it as children when we shopped at Value Village(on Memorial/Columbia)--because they DIDN'T HAVE DRESSING ROOMS! Ugh! Lol; I'm mad you gave "it" a name. ...The Leggin' idea, I hadn't thought about. I'll have to remember that the next time I go--regadless of whether they have dressing rooms or not.

    On another note, love high waist (i.e., "mommy jeans") pants/jeans! I was just about to order some on (for the low! $9), but I went in today and they were "out of stock." :-(

    I'm also into the high wasit A-line skirts. Have you seen these?

  6. LOL... AP I knew you would feel me! I definitely learned this as a kid. What's up with the 'no dressing rooms' thing?!
    Yo that was definitely a bargain, that sucks you missed it! I should look at Alloy?

    I do like highwaist Aline! I actually don't have one. I really want one with pockets! :D

    1. Yes! Check out "". It's not really retro or thrifty or anything, but they have great clearance deals. Right now they are taking 80% off "clearance" items. I shop with them a lot.