Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Accessory photography + The Foreign Archives

 In addition to adjusting to life in NY and updating Shop Thriftionary I've been working on some cool side projects:

1.) I'm in the midst of a photography internship with a Brooklyn based fashion & portrait photographer, and it's challenged me to work on my skills. I'd say that I prefer taking black and white shots of buildings and other man made structures- arranging shapes within the photo frame, but this internship is pushing me to explore other avenues (like taking portraits and creating stories and pitches etc.) while maintaining my "graphic sensibility"... hmm...

2.) Just met this awesome chick named Asha Maddali who has madd skills (and concert ticket stubs)! She operates an indie jewelry company here in NYC that specializes in brass accessories and funky house goods. She's designed for Free People, wholesales to a variety of prominent vendors, and has a permanent home at Marjory Warren boutique on E 9th too!

How are these two random bits of information connected you ask?
I'm using some of my new photography skills to shoot jewelry for Asha's new website The Foreign Archives. Woot! The plan is to have everything on a new bright-white background... which is trickier than it sounds. I'm Super excited to see how everything turns out, and hopefully soon you will see all of her new pieces shot by yours truly on the new website!

In the meantime you can check out her full spread of goodies here.

As you can see she specializes in mostly brass accessories, but she's probably best known for her gorgeous head chains.

Oh also! We are preparing for The Foreign Archives pop up shop in NYC
  September 21st: Fabworks 75 E 4th St from 11am-8pm

There will be jewelry as well as a bunch of other fun handmade items created by Asha, myself and friends! Stop by if you're in NYC

Hope you guys are having a lovely Wednesday! 
Who's pinning and live streaming New York fashion week shows at work right now?! 


  1. Those are gorgeous! I'll definitely be checking out her site!

    1. Hey lady!
      Yes! I am kind of obsessed with the crystal pieces right now.

  2. DOPEtast!c. Love it and I love that you are branching out and utilizing your skill sets in cool and funky ways! NY will do that to you, I guess. Lol! ;-)

    1. Thank you! Yeah it's definitely opening me up in a lot of ways to all the career/job/gig possibilities out there. :)

  3. Oh! ...and 'er uhm, I'mma need one of those head pieces for the wedding!

    1. Haha! I KNOW right. She has some really awesome ones up on Etsy too!