Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thrifted: jewlery holder hands & cheese plate

Last week was a great week for thrifting. I found two great pieces for storage in my bathroom. Most likely the pieces will be moved, but this is where they are for now.

For years I walked past these cheese domes... but only because I never knew what to do with them. Finally I just broke down and bought one.  Eventually I want to paint the wooden plate white and display bars of soap or a chunk of shea butter there. For right now though, I'm just keeping some of my nail polish there.

These are a new favorite! I heart wooden accents, and these jewelry holder hands are perfect, because they are so unique. I originally wanted to make something similar out of newspaper, water, and flour-glue... the same way you made face masks as a kid.  Anyway I was suprised that so many people walked past them, especially at $4. The only logical answer is their placement. I found these on a top shelf in the "home goods" section at Goodwill. You know when things aren't eye-level they can easily be overlooked. All good thrifters know you have to keep your eyes peeled!
Ah well....