Saturday, March 31, 2012

6 Thrifting Tips you should use!

6 Basic Thrifting Tips

1. Check the price... Is it more or less than you are willing to pay? Does the price make sense?

2. Quality and condition... make sure these details are somewhat proportionate to #1.  Does it need repair? Does it actually fit? Does it have holes in it (be thorough if it's wool!)?  How do you wash it?

3. Uniqueness quantification... I randomly happened upon this term. In mathematics it basically means that there is one and only one...which is probably next to impossible when it comes to anything that isn't vintage or handmade. Basically, when it's time to make tough decisions at the cash register  think about this:
The cost of a top is between $5 and $6 at Goodwill, so if you have to choose between a plain white No Boundaries tee, or a chartreuse, ikat, beaded Free People tunic top, don't make it harder than what it is. White-tees are ubiquitous and most likely you can find a brand new one for less. Free People. Problem solved. 
4. Do you need it?... of course not. But if you are in the market for a specific item maybe it should take precedent over some, not so awesome impulsive finds.

5. Try it on or try it out.... You have to! Go. 

6. Heads up What I mean is, you have to pay attention and get while the gettin's good! Items at a thrift store have a very short shelf life. Some people thrift and sell for a living, so they are your "competition"! If you see something you love, get it before someone else does. I have learned this lesson time and time again.
One too-long text message can mean the difference between a $3.00 Oscar de la Renta handbag and a sad-face... sad, true story.
 Also... if you see something you know you can't haul, ask the store what their policies are on buying and holding... sometimes they will hold an item for up to 24 hours while you find a way to pick it up.  I've known some smaller stores to haul it for you if you live nearby.

Of course these steps are easier said than done some days, but you get my point. Now you are on your way to becoming a thrifter extraordinaire!

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