Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thrifting adventure... Vintage wool skirt & Chevron cardigan

One of my good friends and I went on a thrifting adventure and had a great time! Since we were on the outskirts of the city we found lots of cool things. Among those were my vintage wool wrap skirt, vintage blue travel box, and brown chevron cardigan.

  • Wool vintage wrap skirt- Thriftstore
  • Vintage Globetrotter luggage- Thiftstore
  • Beige sling backs- Thriftstore  
Sadly, I can't remember the name of the store we happened upon first. Shortly after, we found the thrift store that we were actually searching for...America's Thriftstore.

 America's Thriftstore had a wide variety of things old and new, and overstock from various department stores. For some reason, I didn't like it as much the store we accidentally found first. It was trying to be organized confusion...which can be frustrating for me. (I guess because I'm weird)

This is the brown chevron cardigan that I found at America's Thriftstore.
Again, the selection wasn't really that spectacular, but the prices were great! Most tops ranged from $1-$4. This particular cardigan was $3.88. I only found that and a really cute surprise for my dear friend who will be coming back from India soon! =D

These brand new, long wide leg pants were the result of a recent thrifting adventure as well.
$3.00 at FODAC thrift store!

I heart this handmade, leather beaded bracelet that I purchased from the "mysterious thriftstore" that I can't name. It was just a dollar and some change, what luck!


  1. ah, such awesome purchases! I love how that blue luggage matches the stripes in your skirt. Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Hannah! They do match, I wish I had a reason to carry the box with the

  3. I like what you thrifted...great stuff and I also like how you put your pieces together and created a really chic outfit. The jacket is fabulous, very mod style. Bravo! Thanks for dropping by...following you too