Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lovely Leather Chair & Wicker woven tray

Aaaand we're back! 
Hey guys,  good to talk to you again! I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but the thrifting doesn't stop. I have some new goodies to share with you too!

That said... you might not know, but I am semi obsessed with chairs. I haven't really figured out why yet but, the love is definitely there. Last week I was strolling through Goodwill and I saw this beautiful leather and wood chair, right next to another leather and wood chair. Two different styles and centuries, but the same color wood and leather! I knew that I had to get the older of the two, and after some cleaning and light re-upholstering of the bottom, It was good as new!
 A steal at $12.

I just wanna put a soft, fuzzy white pillow in it. ::sigh::

You could tell that the owner of this chair also donated a few other great pieces. Among those were a neat wicker and leather bench (that got snatched up before I could get to it) and a really neat metal, horse hair and leather stool/ottoman. I wanted the ottoman but I used my editing skills to make sure I didn't over-spend. The legs were bent and would be an unpleasant surprise to sit or place something on.

I love this tray and it will soon be a wall ornament! I found it at a thrift store called FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children).  They provide medical supplies to disabled adults and children, which are funded in part by their thrift store. This place is very cheap on clothing, and they often have great furniture. I'm talking $3.00 brand new $69 jeans cheap. (More on that later)

And last but not least....

I wanted a magazine rack...specifically one that looked like this vintage gold faux bamboo one. I was too excited when I saw it on my way to purchase the leather chair. I just think this magazine stand is really classic looking. Pretty sure I saw it in a decor magazine and the craving started from there.
After I get tired of looking at it gold, imagine how cool it could be spray painted cerulean blue, hot pink, or tangerine.

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  1. OMG! Love, love, love the chair...$12.00? Crazy...and the tray...perfect for hanging on the wall...I too am obsessed with chairs. I want everyone I day I'll count all the chairs in my

  2. Lol...You should do a post on them!

  3. I've always been into antiques and for the last 6 years, yard saling. I picked up a chair today which is very similar to the above photo, except with wicker under the arms. Do you have any idea where this chair comes from and how old? I'd love to post a photo of the chair I got for you to see.

    1. Hi Abbe! I haven't been able to figure out how old the chair is. It was next to a chair that was from the late 70s, so I could easily tell mine was older. I definitely meant that they were from different decades... probably not centuries. When I upholstered the bottom of mine there was all of this old material stuffed inside.
      Something about the leather, wood, and structure throws me for a loop, so I can't tell the maybe its an old replica of something older (if that makes sense). I would love to see your chair though! I love chairs.