Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pre-Fall Thrift Store Haul

To say I've been thrifting lately is a bit of an understatement. 
If you follow my thrifting Instagram @thriftionary_shop then you know what I mean.
I really planned on making this post about all the cool vintage clothes I got in The States this summer,
but then I took an unexpected trip to my favorite thrift shop down the road.
They were having a £1 sale. 
And actually, I would have stopped at that shop, 
but then I noticed all the other shops on my road were having £1-£3 sales too
....and well here we are.

Here are a few of the items I purchased!

This Kookai skirt is my favorite thing I picked up. The patch pockets and low front apron-like hem balancing the high waist made me give this otherwise basic khaki skirt a second look.

 Typically I don't thrift Forever 2, H&M, or Zara clothing, and Primark is like the UK equivalent of those stores on the low end. I made and exception for these black denim "skirtalls". (Is that the correct terminology?) Anyway, they're super comfy and easy to wear and as I said in my last post–that's been key! Currently resisting the urge to paint them....

This is my new favorite thrifted necklace. I got it from a flea market in Marietta, Georgia this summer (a place we visited on suggestion).  Sidenote–does anyone else ever feel weird going into those flea markets that have multiple vendors–The ones with a surplus of DIY shabby chic "antique" dressers, wrought iron wall hangings, one too many Aunt Jemima cookie jars, monogrammed everything and side eyes from everyone in the store? Just me? Kay.

I picked up this Pepe Jeans jacket because I've been dreaming up another denim jacket creation. 
I sold the last one I made and just received the best compliment in the form of a review.
 The review was instantly uplifting so I'll be referring to it on rainy days from now on. 

Back to the haul–the jacket is a men's jacket, but that's another thing I haven't cared about for a long time. I always accompany Mr. Thrifter to the menswear section of any store because more than likely they will have basic styles I'll like and clothes with real pockets.

Oh, speaking of menswear my favorite non-jean pants are men's Uniqlo skinny chinos! I love how they make my butt look, and you can get them in long...which is great if you're a tall gal or someone who likes to cuff their pants. Check them out!

I wanna draw on these sneakers so bad and I just bought them from TKMaxx.
(Which is TJMaxx for the UK.) 

I had to scoop these purple pumps for just £5. My lifestyle at the moment doesn't have me in heels much at all, but I will be using them to style Thriftionary looks.

And that's all for now!
I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to share, and not enough time to blog about it.
I hope you guys are having a great week so far.
Happy thrifting. 

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