Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Print Dress turned top + Outfit of the day!

Today, I was feeling this ethnic print dress that I purchased from Sugga's Thrift Boutique last summer and this Loft, by AnneTaylor, peter pan collared, translucent blouse. Originally, I wanted to pair the dress with a neon green or pink bandeau bra and some funky accessories. Obviously, being in an office setting (no matter how creative the space) I just wouldn't feel comfortable rockin' a bandeau bra out like that. Today was sort of gloomy anyway, overcast with spotted showers around the city, so this was the better choice.

I was kind of going for a twist on a retro, Carribean school uniform look, only less colorful. 

My friends and I are pretty good for wearing dresses as shirts, and shirts as tanks, and tanks as skirts, and so on....Here, I wore this dress as a top.

In only my blouse and dress I was well on my way to having one of those change 6 times and dash mornings when I decided to "work through it"-- aka figure out exactly what was bugging me about what I already had on. I turned my dress into a top. Then, I added jeans and the booties to balance out my hair. (Your hair has a color  like an accessory so you can use it as such.) Without the pants there isn't much balance in the look. Meaning, the dress is brown and so is my skin...It just blends ...which is why I don't wear much brown in that tone (accentuate the skin don't hide in it).

Eh...that was a brief trip on my train of thought. It was early guys, don't judge.
I will provide a more in-depth account of my "style techniques" and tips later.


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