Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August Musings + Self Portrait #1

I’ve been wearing my hair like this for some time. It went from being an in-between style to a summer staple. 

Small plaits all over with uneven parts. 

They used to feel 'childish' to me. Never grown up enough. 

Now, I think the best part about them is just that. 
They make me feel  whimsical and childlike again. 
And for the summertime 
what better feeling? 

Especially now.

Also–this is currently my favorite dress. Getting dressed, for me, has become more and more about ease of dressing, skin-feel, and practicality.

I’ve never really been the type to wear something completely uncomfortable, but now it’s imperative my outfits are easy and make sense for the type of day I’m having. 

dress  $9
Beauty Supply wooden earrings  $1.50

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