Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stateside: Thrift Store Finds + Family Time

This summer Mr. Thrifter and I spent some time visiting family in The States. Luckily for me my family is into some of the same things we're into. We love spending quality time together eating, laughing, traveling–and a few of us even love thrifting. Thrifting isn't always the best group activity, but a couple of my cousins and my auntie were up for the challenge.

Let me preface this post by saying, Auntie is the queen of thrift. She's the queen of coupon cutting and deal-getting! Her receipts be real long like dead sea scrolls, but the totals be real short like period. The most recent receipt I've seen was from JCPenny's. It said $346.53 SAVED and ONE American dollar spent! Ya'll I'm not kidding. Extreme couponing is real. It'll change your life.
Since she knows where all the deals are in the eastern region of Tennessee she took us to one spot she visits occasionally.

All I remember her saying is "there isn't air conditioning inside, but everything is $1 today so..." That's all I needed to hear. 

Oh. A dollar I can do.

 My cousin is looking at me like 'really paparazzi at the thrift store too!?' LOL 

Our cart piling up before editing.

The legend herself! 

About 35 minutes in. One down. 
It was hot in there.

I love the fabric on this sofa, but nobody was feeling it. With a little love, this couch could be great again.
 I just wanna plan a fly photoshoot around this thing!

After editing, we made our selections, paid, and left that very warm thrift store. 

Once we got home we got to work snipping and ripping. 
Nay bought these Ralph Lauren cropped pants and a navy blue Ralph Lauren tee for $2.

We made some pretty cute cut-off shorts and a crop top.

The full outfit... 

Then, we cut a pair of pants she spilled bleach on. 
Just two small slits at the knees then cuffed = wearable again!  
I wish I would have photographed the back of these jeans because she made a cool dot pattern on them.  

We ended the day with a friendly dessert wars competition. Nay and I made this awesome chocolate cake and Mr. Thrifter and Trin made cinnamon roll waffles, which weren't too shabby either.  ;)

My uncle was ultimately crowned the dessert wars winner, though. He picked and sliced a homegrown sweet baby watermelon straight from the backyard garden. Shut the competition down! I've never tasted a watermelon so sweet.

I'll post my full stateside summer thrift store haul soon, but I'll tell you now I went a little hard. 
The combination of low prices and general excitement to got me.  

More thrifting adventures to come!

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