Monday, November 18, 2013

Thrifted: Graphic Sweater + Painted Top

I love a good bold sweater, especially one that's black and white. As you know I've been trying to buy sweaters that I'll actually wear--you know instead of folding them up nicely or adding texture to a shelf with them. I'm pretty proud of myself. I have to remember to do my sweater post this season like I did last year! Thrift stores are full of outrageous sweaters this time of year so this will be fun. 

I thrifted this sweater from Salvation Army a few days ago. It was one of those half-off-everything except white tags days so I had to have it.

The boots are from an overstock store down the street. This shop recieves all kinds of product samples and overstock items that they sell for cheap. These boots were $10 and have a super soft fuzzy springy insole. My faux leather gloves are from a similar shop a couple doors down for $5!

I also got these blue jewel toned corduroys by Loft and this 80s button down when I bought the sweater.

In addition to the cool scribble and paint details, I love the stand collar, long shirt-tail and the fact that it's high cut on the sides. This would be super cute with a leather vest with fringe! I have a leather jacket that might be cute with this...hmmm...

Whoop! Anyway I hope you are enjoying your week so far.

Gotta get busy with Shop Thriftionary this weekend... making these listings is quite a process but I love the support I've been receiving, so thanks for that! :)

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