Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Thing About "Ugly Sweaters"....

As you know, I'm slowly coming over to the otherside when it comes to holiday sweaters. Lately the thriftstore seems to be boiling over with every kind of knit-- from tragedy to triumph.
Why? Because it's the most wonderful time of the year of course.

I just had to share some of the interesting sweaters that I found, and believe me there were more-
these are just the ones I had a chance to take a picture of.

So this here sweater was doing eeeeverything it could. It might even be more of a sweatshirt. It's knit, but it has black, red, and blue leather covering the shoulders and back. I...I just.
I kind of love it the more I look at it.
It may have even gotten snatched up, but the sleeves and bottom were completely all out of elasticity.
Poor thing.

I realllly liked this Cosby kid-sweater but it was too small! I would have bought this for my little cousin, but I dont know how his mom feels about Cosby sweaters. I have a feeling it wouldn't ever see the light of day again, and its definitely too cute for that! :)

Lime green, beaded, floral motif, knee-length? What more can you ask for?
I could ask for eastic not sewn in the sleeves. There was elastic sewn in the sleeves because all the elasticity is gone in the sweater. And it was almost $7. I told you I'm really cheap, so I didn't really want to pay for it if it was "fixed", and still needed to be fixed again. But I still think that it's lovely. On another day, I probably would have folded.

Hmm.... this sweater was doing the most. It was weird. Like it wasnt long but it wasn't too short either.
And the curlies were doing a bit more than I was feeling at the time...they kinda grew from the shirt like mold.

I was wrong, THIS sweater was doing the most. It had the nerve to have raised hearts on it...raised. Like they were knitted on top of the cardigan. LOL! Again, I kind of liked it. Don't you think it would be fun to wear on Valentines Day? If you are "anti all of that", this sweater will have those over zealous Valentines dayers think twice!
 This sweater is still available at the Value Village on Memorial Dr. Its been there for about 3 weeks now... which goes against the laws of thrifting. So if you're interested........

The shoulder pads...the flowers...the raised design...the bulkiness, they were all a bit much for me. In a different silhouette this sweater would be hot!

Aww...if this cardigan fit me snug, I'd have bought it!

I actually tried this sweater on inspite of the shoulder pads, which I could remove. I didnt like how it fit at all....then an older gentleman started telling me how lovely it was on me, and it was really awkward.  
I didn't buy it.

hmm....minus the embroidery flower.

I kind of want a teddy bear sweater now..... I already have my sheep sweater, that I still haven't worn yet.
This sweater is the buisness!
I guess I am really falling for them. The uniqueness and the versatility is really drawing me in.
I'm also one of those people who believe that just about anything can be worn and worked with the right pieces, so none of these were too out of sight.

Oh! If you're into knitting I found this little tutorial about how to unwind thriftstore sweaters for the yarn!
How nifty is that? I actually want to try it.
How often do you run into a sweater and you think "Man it's not really doing it for me, but it would make a nice scarf!"

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  1. These are so fantastic! I love "ugly" sweaters, and all the colors/patterns/textures they have.