Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lately on Thriftionary!

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and you got to go thrifting!
I've just been adjusting to this harsh New York winter  (remember I came from Atlanta where snow days actually happen).
Since I last posted I've been working on getting Shop Thriftionary poppin' again. The holiday season actually slowed down sales on both of my sites... hmm. It made me wonder if people really buy vintage clothing as gifts. My theory is that people prefer to buy vintage for themselves unless its a collectable item (like my NY Jets sweater) mostly because vintage sizing can be sooo tricky.

Here are some photos of what I've been up to lately. 

....added some things to one of my shops

...worked on thriftionary tags/packaging

saw my first real snow
...realized snow days don't really exist up here
even if your car is stuck in/ under a snow bank...

luxury retail gig...

.... photography things! :D

I've also been digging through my outfit post archives.
There are so many outfits I haven't posted guys. I think outfit post back up is often due to a change in feelings about an outfit or not getting an angle you want. lol! Okay no excuses. 
Outfit post coming soon! 

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