Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Thriftstore Haul + Mini Photoshoot

We went thrifting this weekend. It was crazy. I've never put back so much vintage clothing in my life.
I'm trying to control myself these days. lol.
 Okay, here are a few photos we took of things we bought within the last week.

I cannot wait to wear this coat! I think its kind of "fancy"to wear everyday, but I might just wear it anyway.
 I'll also add that it was only $8!

I love how it's sort of tailored to fit and it has a little belt that pulls it in at the waist. 
Yay for glam winter wear!

These fringe boots though!? These were a lucky find at the Lilburn Goodwill. 
I expected them to be on that "specially priced items" rack, but they weren't! Somehow they got by. 
They are that 90's square toe shape that I'm learning to love. I'm pretty much planning my wardrobe around them at this point.

Mr. Thrifter was really excited about this vintage blazer. It has these cool lion's crest buttons and it fits well,  so no tailor! 

He paired this blazer with the newly thrifted black and white gingham button down, and this funky horseman jockey tie I bought from Value Village a few weeks ago.

I love this little dress! First of all, it's super comfy sweater material. Second, the color and pleats really got me. It looks like a version of something my mom put me in as a child, without the heart motif tights of course. This grey studded biker jacket is going to fun. The first outfit I'm thinking of wearing; a strappy maxi dress with the jacket zipped up. That way it's kind of like a top. We will see though... that's obviously subject to change. :)

So that was just a snippet, but you can follow Thriftionary on Facebook to see more photos and Instagram pictures from my thrifting adventures.
Happy Mondayyyy!


  1. Great finds! That red dress is adorable and definitely fits you like a glove. I did some thrifting myself this weekend and scored big--guess the thrifting Gods were in our favor!

    1. Thanks! Yes this weekend was crazy, I controlled myself though...kinda. I'm excited, can't wait to see your finds!