Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thrifted Men's Wear OOTD + 5 Tips for Guys Thrifting

One of the things I've noticed about thrifting for men's wear is that it's much more straight forward than the women's section of the thrift store. In my opinion, the sheer quantity of the women's section makes it much "harder" to sort through.

With men's clothing, it seems like an immediate 
YES --"it's good quality", "it's my style", "it fits"
NO --"it's worn out", "I'd never wear that", "It doesn't fit and isn't worth tailoring"
....the end.  
Mr. Thrifter agreed to be a good sport and show off some of his thrifted finds.
These are just a few outfits put together from recent thrift store finds.

So many of my male friends say that they either haven't tried going thrifting, or that they just don't find things. It's very possible to find things you like if you are patient, willing to go, and know what you like!

Some advice to guys thrifting for clothes .....
         1. Be prepared to try stuff on (you probably don't wanna wear a pullover or hoodie to the store)
         2. Go in with time and an open mind
         3. Examine clothes, especially sweaters, and make sure they don't have holes or spots on them
         4. Check the jewelry counter for cuff links and tie clips
         5. Buy things you like... things that fit your personal style

Another thing that isn't exactly a "tip," but a reminder: some things don't need to be thrifted because you may find them brand new at a regular retail store.... like...plain t-shirts!

 This post has two of my favorite outfits that he's worn thus far. 

 vintage wool sports coat- Goodwill
button down- Goodwill
vintage floral tie-Value Village
vintage vest -Goodwill

I wasn't sure if he'd like this BDG- Urban Outfitters cardigan that I thrifted for him, but he did.

BDG Cardigan- Goodwill
JCrew corduroys-Goodwill
patterned tie-Value Village
yellow button down- Goodwill

A few tips to girls thrifting for/with guys...
Be prepared for him to be like "Naw, son...that's not cool" a few times.
He has a style and preferences all his own so don't be offended if the first buy isn't a winner (I had to get to that point). Also--invite him to come thrifting, he might just like finding deals on all types of things!


  1. :-) Awwh; Look at 'em all GQ'ed up on a budget! Lol! Now, if we can just get KRLZ to stop "talking" about it and actually go...? What are you recommendations for that Ms. thrifter? Lol!

    Nice finds, lady!

    1. Haha! Thanks, Mr. Thrifter has gottern pretty good at this. This week he has been going by himself. I think for KRLZ you may have to go there on a "mission" to get something, like...shelves, because I know you are remodeling. Then, since you are already there, you might as wellll look at button downs. ;)