Thursday, March 7, 2013

Instagram lately #4 and green on my mind

Hi guys! Here's Instagram lately....

Clearly I forgot to add this to my list of top 5 thrifted finds to last weeks interview with Charge Magazine!
This is my friend and founder of ChopArt, arts non profit (whoop whoop!) Malika Whitley's peplum blazer.
We stumbled upon it at Goodwill a few years ago, and it just does it's thing everytime she wears it ...
by itself....honestly it's just that bomb.
Baseball themed baby shower welcome sign I made with my friend, 2for another friend's baby shower!
 This was a fun DIY project. Love the way it turned out.
Mid century modern dest that I neeeded! ugh... but, I couldn't have darn it!
Poor little chair just needs some tlc. Someone picked it up I'm sure...
 These are going to be fun to play with!
 Today's look...not pictured leather zipper mini skirt, black tights and combat boots
Getting my first pair of shoes repaired. Only $7 for the pair
No more turning down vintage shoes over the heel....
 part of an outfit of the day last week ...wearing the boots :)
 Remember these!? I wonder what ever happend to mine.... if i need this lovely chartreuse was a bit more expensive than I expected go.
These cute little espresso cups were in United Dollar. That store is fun because there are so many little unexpected surprises everytime I go! Bamboo for sale....
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