Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pleather + Sparkly "Ugly Sweater"

I was sifting through Value Village a couple weeks ago attempting to find the perfect oversized sweater for my pleather leggings when I came upon this Sparkly chunky 80s sweater; brand name "Shenanigans" (which is so hilarious when you look at the rest of their clothing). It wasn't quite long enough to cover my behind in the leggings, but something about it still drew me in. Maybe it was the holiday season abundance of "ugly sweaters" at VV that day, who knows. Needless to say I bought it. I played with the hem and cuffed the sleeves so it would fit a little less like a full-on 80's sweater. Then I paired it with this preforated pleather skirt I got from CitiTrendz for just $9 (remind me to do a whole other post a bout CitiTrendz and similar stores), black tights, and black "combat boots".

This outfit was pretty much pattern-free, which is somewhat of a change from what I usually wear.
And it only took me a few minutes to get ready in the morning.

Because it was pretty chilly that day, I also wore my thrifted-from-Goodwill army green Prarie Underground cloak hoodie, one of my favorite thrifting finds ever (which also happens to be $249 almost anywhere on the internet)!

  • "Shenanigans" sweater- Value Village
  • Prarie Underground cloak-Goodwill
  • Pleather skirt-CititTrendz
  • Combat boots-Shoeland
  • black tights-Target 
Oh, these are my doggies by the way, Cali the greyhound/pitt mix? and June, the hound. They are usually nearby whenever I am taking photos. Sometimes they are pretty weirded out by the camera ticking and twitching.

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