Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Thrifting Haul

Hi guys! This Holiday has been extremely relaxing! And of course I've gotten some thrifting in. Instead of hitting all of the malls and outlets for the after Christmas sales, my boyfriend and I have been on  bit of a Goodwill tour. Here are a few items that we've picked up lately.

This Eliott Lauren jacket easily caught my eye. The bright fuzziness and asymmetrical collar/neck closure made me love it. And of course the retro feel is right up my alley.

 I always find tons of vintage dresses at Goodwill locations outside of the cities. 
This pea green 70s shift dress is sooo comfy. No polyester here.  Excuse my bunchy-ness. I won't lie, I'm kind of lazy when it comes peeling layers off to try clothes on. 

These high-waist black shorts almost got left behind. Usually I feel weird about buying something I can easily DIY...but these were already perfect!

Here's a closer look at the shorts, and a really cool handmade 70s dress I ended up putting back. 

This acid wash jumper is a goodie from last week, and I found it at Goodwill as well. 
(If you follow me on instagram @thriftionary, you probably already saw it)

This Liz Claiborne multicolored gingham button down was $2! Yay for the color of the day! 

I love these two necklaces I picked up at one of he jewelry counters at Goodwill in Alpharetta.
The elephant necklace is made of wooden beads and some type of metallic gold looking material. The bf and I visited this store called Mirage Saree, where they sell pashmina scarves, saree, traditional Indian bridal jewelry and more. The tiny red seed beaded necklace reminded me of some of those ornate pieces in the saree store.

 My boyfriend picked up some really cool stuff too! Picking through men's clothing is so much easier than picking women's clothing. I think maybe because everything is pretty straight forward in the men's section.

First he found a lovely fitted, twill sports coat and then a dark brown tweed sports coat.
Then he found a few nice button downs J.Crew, L.L. Bean to name a few.
He also bought a couple of pairs of pants dress pants and a brown J.Crew sweater.
I think aside from the sports coats my favorite find was the tweed button-down.

Thriftstores often participate in the holiday sales, whether its a fill-a-bag sale or a 50% off all clothing sale like Value Village. There are always deals to be had.


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  2. Super, super cute shorts; super cute acid wash jumper; super cute multicolored collar; super cute everything, really.

    And WAY TO GO D! :-)