Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thrifted: Clear Heels + Vintage Accessories!

I have been thinking about vintage shoes more often than usual..and I have an idea. But let me first talk about the shoes I've thrifted lately.

I am tooo hype about my brand-new clear shoes.
Apparently clear shoes are kind of a big deal again. Whatev.

These red and gold, clear ones remind me of "church shoes".
(You know the ones old ladies wear with their gianormous tin-foil-birds-nest church hats?) I can only imagine the dress-suit these shoes were paired with. Anyway I spotted them along with another brand-new, black pair in Goodwill last week.

I looove them!

They make me think of funky-cool glass slippers. I'm excited to get in my closet and start plotting outfits to pair them with.

I also purchased these brand new leather Trenton tennis shoes from Sugga's Thrift Boutique while I was on said thrifting rampage. If you are in the Atlanta, GA area you need to swing by Sugga's Thrift Boutique (45-D Bennett Street, in Buckhead down the hill from Frank Ski's restaurant and Terri J Vaughn's, "The Green Room")to take advantage of the moving sale. On Saturdays she is having half-off sales until she moves. 

(Oh I picked the leather sneaks up for $7 btw....half off!)

...a few lovely pairs of earrings and brooches I picked up. The brooches were .99 cents!  They were so beautiful I haaad to get them. I think these may be part of "my project" too. hmmm....

::yawns:: more thifting fun later!
I've been meaning to take a trip to SWATS to check out the "thrifterrain" that cheesy? 
 Of course it is. 


  1. I'm mad I thought of my Grandma and Bible Study when I saw those red shoes. I know you can figure the pull off, I ain't worried about that!

    So where is Sugga's moving to? Are you still working up there?


    1. Lol! Yes, these are the "jazzy granny" shoes! I'm excited for this weekend when i have time to start playing with them.

      And no, but i still help her out with PR and Special events type stuff when i have time.