Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trip to the country or the "So-so" thrifting adventure.

Saturday the bf had to handle some job stuff all the way out in the country.
Like... "where-there-are-cows" country. While he was handling business I had about 5 hours to kill. For some that are not as easily entertained, this would have been an issue, but I had a blast!
First, I was playing my absolute JAM for the summer.  My friends, Milo & Otis' album "The Joy". It's so good! You can pick it up here, trust me you won't be dissapointed (it's like funky, soul-pop). So anyway, I was driving through the country blastin' track 8.

The goal was to stumble upon a few thrift stores along the way. After about an hour of driving around and taking pictures 
                               this one.

I decided to just "google it".

(Haha... this is way intense right? Completely by accident)

 Found a few things...but not much

Super cute boots that were too small...sigh.

More fun vintage shoes! I got the silver ones for a project I'm working on... (Tell ya'll bout that later)
I only found a couple of cool things, not as much as I thought I would .
The best part of the whole trip was definitely driving down those country roads snapping pictures that reminded me of rural Arkansas.  Oh, And the random grape & apple fruit bowl I picked up at Publix was quite tasty!

 Well better thrifting luck next time. It was a great trip overall though! I need to drive out to the country more often.

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