Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outfit of the day + Anthropologie whimsy!

Oh Monday....
The highlight of my Monday was getting to see my friend!
We went on an impromptu visit to Anthropologie and had sooo much fun.
I mean duh, we were in Anthropologie, the "fun" is implied right?
Whenever I go there I wonder, "Who stole this place out of my dreams!? Who?!"
It's so not fair that every single thing in there has it's own charming detail and allure.
The only things lacking allure are of course, the prices. But after walking around for a while all of the prices seem "not so bad" anymore.
I wonder how they do that.
Excellent selling technique whatever it is. Haha! What I love about Anthro, aside from its general aesthetic overload is how whimsical and yet tangible the pieces are. Not necessarily in an affordable sense, but in a "createable" sense.
 I want to talk about how you can "get the looks" (in a later post) simply thrifting and throwing in some cheaper IKEA pieces.

BDG Urban Outfitters, highwaist flare -Goodwill (found Sunday, Finally!)
Target, plaid top- Goodwill
Nine West chunky high-heeled shoe -Goodwill
Vintage flower clip earrings-ValueVillage

Everything is covered in fairydust and baby angel sneezes....its just ridiculously great.


one of the awesome wingback chairs I talked about before!

DIY maybe???

love the note books and journals!

Let's not forget the rickshaw...sooo pretty!

love the colors here....

Anthro has some great smelling products too! Everything from candles to perfume.
Ahhh Anthro...


  1. dawwww look at Mik Mills!!!


  2. I'm stuck in the house putting things back together...so thanks for the trip to anthro...love that place...I need the pillow that's on the couch...love...

    and I love your thrifted outfit...go girl.

    1. Thanks! I knooow that pillow is too nice right? Anthro is the best sensory candy!

  3. I literally LOLed at "...baby angel sneezes." You're crazy, girl.