Saturday, June 30, 2012

Goodwill Weekend Thrifting + The Couple-Episode 8

Sooo for the first time ever the boyfriend is still searching through the Goodwill bookshelves, long after I've finished scouring the entire store. Wow.
I haven't seen much I need today but here are a few items I've picked up. (On the second wave of seaching A green banana republic knit top, a skirt to cut off, and cute elephant tunic top)

The bf and all of his books.....
Goodwill has a great selection of books, everytime we go he buys at least 3. Definitely in the market for new bookshelves. ::sigh:: We tried Ikea after we left GW but we–well I guess I–got kinda cranky because he originally wanted the large expedit bookshelf, you know the cube one, but you cant take Ikea furniture apart after you build it! You may as well buy another. And I like my furniture to be more mobile, so I can change my mind every other day about it's placement. I just felt like maybe the smaller ones would have made more sense because you can move them and split them up, but they're $90 each and it doesn't make sense to buy two. This was his point. In addition to not wanting to have two pieces we agreed to disagree on bookshelves and to instead purchase some stainless steel cooking utensils and flatware. Fun. 

Sometimes I wonder if this me!? It's probably you. A friend introduced me to this webseries yesterday and it's quite funny. 

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