Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thrifting Adventure... "Sensible shoes" and decor

I stopped by one of my favorite Goodwill locations on Thursday and ran upon these lovelies. I felt that I needed some "sensible shoes" to work in because a pair of black flats that my mom has been trying to dispose of for a couple years was not cutting it anymore. I mean you can't wear flats like flip flops, it's not good for your feet. And heels aren't either.... anyway....

The "nude" and black pair are great because they are neutral and "go" with anything I would wear, and the brown ones are outside of my "zone", but at the same time they aren't. I like how they're so "mature"... can't wait to make them look "fun".

These brown Circa shoes are cute on AND super comfy, which I wasn't expecting.
They are actually one of those stylish comfy shoe brands I think... and I guess you pay for that because they're $89.00 online.  Needless to say I paid under $12 for both perfectly new pairs, together.

  •  Nude shoe- Tahari, Goodwill
  • Brown shoe- Circa Joan & David, Goodwill

 Okay guys...we finally settled on a paint color for the tv room and bought some paint today. Buuut...it's a surprise! I'm kinda nervous about it too. lol. It's so much easier to decorate someone else space.

These are two 24x24" throw pillows that I thrifted from Goodwill the other day. They were pretty much brand new, besides the fact that someone tried to snip an rip the tags off.  I hadn't bought pillows from a thrift store until about a week ago. A good decorator friend of mine basically gave me the 411 on thrifting for linens n' things. After a couple really good washes I felt completely at ease about them. 
Are they still throw pillows if they're too large to throw?

I also found this wicker sun mirror. I think this piece is so adorable. It reminds me of something my grandma might have above her dining room table, and that's why I love it. I've been debating on giving it a nice gold coat of paint...

Closet Poll
One thing that thrifting does, if you aren't totally into name brands, is teach you what brands you do like. Surprisingly I went through my closet and found that I gravitate towards Anne Klein, Kimchi Blue (which I hadn't heard of) , JCrew, and one particular vintage brand that I can't recall at the moment. 

What brands do you find yourself gravitating towards unexpectedly?

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  1. Funny, I've ended up with quite a few Kimchi Blue items also! I'm always surprised by how many of my finds are from brands I would never seek out at the mall or brand new, like Gap or Bebe.