Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WI$H List... Fashion n' things.

Okay so I am in L-O-V-E with this little guy. Meet Logan. He's super stylish and he has a huge personality. I want to dress up my doggies now! They probably won't be as sweet about it.
Check him out here

This is amazing stuff... I'm just in awe...I want it all and that's quite uncharacteristic of me. :)
The Burberry Prorsum Winter 2012/2013 collection is sooo amazing. Who wouldn't love most of the pieces? I love them all. 

Another collection that I've been in awe of lately....Balmain Prefall 2012. 
I found this collection while cruising the pages of one of my favorite blogs here.. and I haven't been able to stop looking yet. 

Ahh the textures, and patterns. So much to love, but I want all of the pants first!

I have a shoe DIY date coming up soon (hopefully)! Yay for crafts and friends!
I need to go ahead and decide what color shoes and what types of materials now, because a craft store is a dangerous place for me to be (and th e person sitting through the painstaking process) when I'm feeling indecisive.

Okay so I know it's random, but I really want a card catalog. I know you remember...that wooden box of drawers in the library that you stopped noticing about 10 years ago.
They would be great for organizing all of my art supplies, especially ribbon and beads!
I need to get organized!

 I'm sleeepy.... early day tomorrow.


  1. Yo! That dog... . Hilariously funny, but simply fantastic. He's cooler than a poler bear's toenails. ...You know I'm gonna re-post this on FB, right?

    Looooved the Burberry skirts and Balmain wide-legs.

    As for the card catalog, I've ran across SOOOOOOOOO Many of these in antique shops. This should be an easy find.

    1. Lol.. yeah I think his commentary on that Ryan Gosling's dog with the one sock was the funniest.

      I was really drawn to those fantastic collections not only because the pieces are dope but because they are both "Thriftable", and well put together.

      Okay we need to go look for one ,card catalog, I've been thinking about it for months since "D" mentioned it.lol.

    2. Yeah, sure! Let's plan for it.

  2. ah, so much neat stuff! That dog is ridiculously adorable...and dresses better than most humans.

    1. He does! Some of his clothing costs about that much too. lol.

      ::random:: I was wish I had Oreo right about now because of the stuuupid amount of ivy growing in our backyard. lol

  3. LOVE THAT DOG! Also, I need that skirt on the far right that looks denim. Also, ssoooo ironic how I was just looking for the old library card catalogues last night. I need to put all my flats in them. I swear me and you always on some wavelength or somethin.


  4. I know he's adorable. You can dress your dog up like that! We are always on the same wavelength... And thats a really creative use for the card catalog...never thought of that!