Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work wear... Outfit of the day

I think this post is about these colors, but more about texture. Unfortunately you cant tell from the photos. My shoes are that pony/hair calf texture, blazer silk, and a delicate almost see through peter pan collared blouse; trousers are striped and give the illusion of a corduroy texture, I was really feeling this color palette yesterday for some reason...
Rust, brown, beige, white, and gold. 
Hmm...what's up with that? Anyway this is what I wore to work.
Just a peek....

  • Blazer, Fabrik-Goodwill
  • Blouse, Loft- Goodwill
  • Trousers, Forever 21
  • Scarf, market in NY
  • Shoes, Pazo- Goodwill
  • Earrings, vintage- Gift 
These early mornings are no joke. It's bedtime.

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