Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coogi sweater and Corduroy ... Thrifting with the BF.

My boyfriend and I swung by a Goodwill on Saturday (in the midst of chopping down a list of errands and chores). I am officially on a mission to get this TV room in order.... it is nolonger a game. lol. Anyway we started searching for picture frames to hang some prints I created in a printmaking class last year.

Needless to say the trip veered off into apparel land and he scored a great pastel colored Coogi sweater.

He goes for comfort and ease when he's dressing for work. I sometimes forget that he has his own tastes outside of what I like for him. For instance I often forget how much he hates the texture of polyester and brush by him by accident.  Anyway here's the Coogi sweater he picked out for himself and a pair of Ralph Lauren corduroys that I found for him on a separate thrifting adventure.

  • Coogi sweater- Goodwill
  • Polo corduroys- Sugga's Thrift Boutique


  1. Good outfit! Looks like it would be super comfy. That dog is adorable, also!

  2. Thaanx! Thats Caliban...she's crazy.