Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thrifted: Handmade Guatemalan belt and cowrie shell fabric!

I am officially on a mission to find all of those tunics and dresses with beautiful ethnic patterns that I neglected to purchase over the past month. If you are a thrifter you know that you never really find the same things day to day, let alone month to month, so I guess I mean I will be finding similar clothing to turn into pillows. I had some luck today! I found two dresses made of a lovely African cowrie shell fabric... but first, my belt.

(My mom has been doing some thrifting of her own and bought me that long sleeved, black and white tie-dye maxi dress that I LOVE!) 

I was making a quick run into Goodwill when I passed the belt rack...and had to backtrack. Now I've seen quite a few of these belts for the past three years. It's strange but I was finding one everytime I went thrifting, and I guess that was a turn off. Not sure why. Anyway this one was somehow different to me and I immediately picked it up. Maybe the colors just needed to line up properly in my mind.

This belt is apparently handmade and ironically in Guatemala. I went to San Juan de Laguna, Guatemala spring break last year and never saw one. But of course I saw many other beautiful handcrafted items... I actually bought a purse and a couple of scarves. 
That was truly an amazing place both ethereal and just.... real. ::wistful sighs::


Anyway... I eventually I made it around to the clothes to search for what I actually came to look for.

And yay! I found a dress with this cowrie shell pattern I can butcher into a couple of throw pillows. Of course I have to try the dress on first... you know just to see, but then throw pillows will ensue. Lol!

I want to make them for the two bamboo chairs that we have in the TV room. They are kinda like director's chairs except they're made of bamboo. Then I want to find some green fabric with a unique pattern to put on the loveseat on the other side of the room. Deciding on a paint color has been crazy... I can't wait till I get this room finished so I can enjoy the finished product for a while... and then start over! Ha!


  1. LOL @ "...quick run into the Goodwill". Yeah right! You're in denial. True thrifters never make "quick runs" when it comes to Goodwills, Consignment and Antique shops. It's just like last week when I told myself that I was only going into the Goodwill to look for a blazer (which I found!), but ended up walking out with belts and shoes as well (LOL)... and if I didn't have to pick "luv bug" up from work, I would have been in there alllllllllll day 'cause a sista definitely saw plenty of things she wanted to try on.

    1. Lol! I mean... I felt like an hour and 15 minutes was pretty good time. Isn't it?