Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's mini thrifting adventure.... Fabric and Accessories!

Today I went to Value Village on my way home and found some pieces I've been looking for.
As you know the TV room is under construction. I found some fabric and a green glass piece to add.
Here's the outfit I'm cutting pillows from....

And here is a really neat piece.  This is a vintage green sangria pitcher with a red wicker-like or raffia stopper. How cool is that? 
I was looking it up and apparently you put ice in the concave bulb part and then place the "raffia stopper" in to hold the ice keeping your wine cool but not watery. What a neat little thing. 

 This necklace was so neat to me...I haaad to get it. Its obviously handmade and the beads are what drew me to it. The sort of juxtaposed "fancy" gold beads and lime green plastic ones that I often played with as a child had me wanting to buy this cool piece. What an interesting combination of beads. Its not what I would have done... but that's what made me like it!

I definitely had a box of those green beads...mixed in with the ones we used for my hair.
::Sighs:: The good ol' days. 

Oh! I also got a couple of pairs of shades yesterday. My previous two vintage pairs are gone... :( 
So yesterday I got a couple pairs to play with.... 



  1. i love everything about this post. EVERYTHING! especially the shades :)

    1. Lol! Thanx meek. I knew you would appreciate the shades...(I may or maynot have a similar return home gift for you)Lol.