Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifted and ready for work!

Today I was making a mad dash out the door... it was one of those mornings, so I decided to keep it simple.

Black high-waist tuxedo pants (almost a satin-y material), monochrome cotton floral cami, red vintage boucle jacket, lime green beaded tassel earrings, black pointy toe flats.

I don't typically buy t-shirts or cami's from thrift stores unless I love them. I really liked this particular cami because of how extra soft it was! Unfortunately the tag was cut out so I don't know where there may be more. The tassel earrings were making my day, all day! I just bought them and they won't stop moving long enough for me to take a pic.

  • Red vintage boucle jacket- Goodwill
  • Tuxedo pants- Value Village
  • Black floral silhouette cami-Goodwill
  • Green beaded tassel earrings-Angie's 


  1. YES. You got all this is one outing?

    1. Thanks Chlo-flo! This is within the last three and the earrings two days ago.

  2. ...and this is what you came up with in a "rush"!??? smh* Super Cute.

    1. Thanks AP... I feel like when I rush I end up with something I really like...usually. *random* I haven't seen these earrings since I wore them this