Monday, February 20, 2012

WI$H List... Randomocity.

This is most definitely for the "bougie kid" in me, I love this playset. Lol... My boyfriend and I saw it in HomeGoods while we were looking for presents for his niece and nephew. I wanted this...(for myself) but we decided to get something more practical.

I had a pair of red moccasins once...and then it rained.
I heart these though, and I would love to rock them with some cut off shorts in the summer time.

A good friend of mine pointed out that I could just recover my own pillows... duh! Why didn't I think of that. These are the prints that I am looking for. Now I wish I bought all of those too-large tunics that I've seen at Value Village for the past month

I've been looking at fun nail polish projects to do... These I am trying as soon as I find some nail brushes.

Check this girl out... Nailasaurus! She is badd with a mani man! 

This planter is the coolest thing ever! I mean if you're into that sorta thing...and EVEN if you're not! 

I want to make one of these in our backyard, for herbs and small veggies (that way the doggies wont eat them).

And lastly, because it is bedtime...

I want my bed room to have the whimsey and earthy feel of these two bedrooms together.  

Good night! <3


  1. armanda, i love your blog really I do. maybe cause i know you, but every post is just sooooo YOU!


  2. :-) Super cute mani nails (I don't usually paint my nails, but this go me pondering), super cute boots, grrreat pillow patterns! Also (and I know you like creating on your own, so this may not apply to you), there is this new nail polish out now that does all of that for you--the making of a pattern I mean. I don't know the name brand, but I do know it exist. One of my co-workers used it on her toes (?) recently--or it was more like over the summer last year. Lol! Anyway, she said she just put the nail polish on and in a matter of seconds the pattern formed on it's own.