Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday thrifting adventure.... Retro.

Monday's thrifting adventure at Goodwill was not a miss but definitely not a hit.  Most of the things that landed in the honorable mentions pile weren't anything to write home about.  The honorable mentions pile (that I was going to have a few photos of) was re-shopped before I could even try them on.... ::exasperated freakin sigh::   That's okay, so here were the stats.... ::smile::

UPDATE: you can see how I finally wore these pants here

Retro corduroy, denim striped flare pants $5. Super excited about this find (my only purchase of the trip) because I've been wanting some seriously retro pants for a second, especially since I've been watching Soul Train reruns lately.  While I'm ecstatic about my new striped ones, the pants I've been really hunting for lately.... look more like these.

...so more high-waisted bell bottom, than "flare" denim.
So on to the honorable mentions.... I really liked this $4 cotton fringe tank top, but for some reason I had to deny myself the pleasure of adding it to my wardrobe. I just couldn't buy it... I think part of it is because I realized how easily I could make it. The fringe is just t-shirt stretched, and sewn on. This can be a deal breaker for me on many items... especially in "regular stores".  
::Can I make that?::
I tried it on and everything. It could be worn as a dress too as it stops mid-thigh on me....

This was a cute little purse. I would rock it if it were a gift, but it wasn't my first choice.   I thought it was definitely cute though, and worth mentioning. =) The gold bows as well as the size made me like it and the mirror inside (so handy) made me like it even more, but still not enough to purchase.
I did purchase a pair of earrings from my favorite place to buy earrings. I bought these across the street at Angie's. 
I'm okay with my purchases. I wonder if I'm going to be sad about the tank later? Lol. Nah, if so there is always tomorrow. Things at this GW don't move that fast surprisingly, which definitely defies the laws of thrifting right?