Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OOTD: Retro patchwork pants

Remember those patchwork retro pants I bought back in February? It's finally cold enough to wear them! These pants are made of denim, and red, brown and beige corduroy. I love corduroy by the way.
Often I avoid wearing a piece just because I haven't stumbled upon the "best way" to wear it. That logic makes more sense when you are talking about one-time-wear prom dresses, or formal gowns. I mean think about will wear most the garments more than once so why not play around with them?
Anyway...I decided to simply wear these flared pants with my brown motor cycle jacket, that staple denim sleeveless, a black fitted sweater, and my gold flats from Gojane.

I love these pants because they are incredibly soft, stretchy, and fun!
I kept it very simple as far as accessories; just gold hoop earrings and a ring
Something about winter and fall makes me swap out the "jewelry-type" accessories for soft scarves, jackets and blazers.

I've been wearing lots of dark colors lately. I think the weather may be getting to me.
  • Patchwork pants- Goodwill
  • Leather jacket-Goodwill
  • Denim sleeveless-Goodwill
  • Gold tipped flats-Gojane

Hopefully I can motivate myself to wear some brights soon, maybe I'll find some where I was hiding these pants. : /
So what pieces have you been hiding away until you find the perfect look?


  1. I LOVE these pants and you pull them off so well!!! I have been the same way with jackets and scarves. Could also be because most of my earrings are still packed away and I'm too lazy to dig through them. :)

    1. Thanks! I definitely have to start displaying alll of my earrings otherwise I wont wear them