Thursday, March 17, 2016

Etsy changes + Shop Updates

If you are currently selling on Etsy you know about the new site changes that are coming.
I've been both excited and anxious about it, but mostly curious about how this will effect our shops and the look of the site as a whole.

Among the changes the larger images and readily available reviews section seem like great ideas, while the endless scrolling feels a bit odd.  My store isn't yet viewable to the public in the new format, but this is what the work-in-progress looks like. Pretty plain at the moment.
The new banner I will add spans the whole top section much like Facebook banners. I can see how this new space could be an awesome branding opportunity!

I also like the new Shop Updates feature available through the Sell on Etsy app. Each of these images is marked with a little E tag and is shareable to all of your main social media networks.

Being able to see little behind the scenes shots, lifestyle images and other random updates, all on your homepage, is so awesome! Opening up my dash has that instant inspiration feel that you get from scrolling through Pinterest. As soon as I log in my screen full of vibrant images like these from a few of my favorite shops.

Thriftionary and Jujujust
                                                             Boo and Boo Factory and Dorcas Creates

Whatever happens we will all adjust I'm sure. Some of our favorite websites go through these changes big and smalll every year.  I'm excited to see what's in Etsy's future as more people are opening up storefronts online each day! 

If you'd like to learn more about how you can get your shop ready for the changes take a look at this piece in the seller handbook about it. Here. 

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