Monday, October 14, 2013

Thrifted: Men's Clothing & Accessories

Mr. Thrifter is finding some really cool men's wear here in Brooklyn. Here are a few things he's picked lately all from different Salvation Army army thrift stores...

...this silky army green pocket square

...a funky retro tie 
(He said he'd probably wear it with a vest, it's a  pretty wide tie.)

... one skinny vintage "burnt sienna" tie, and a striped Brook's Brother's tie
... a really nice woolen 4 pocket vest
and a vintage bow tie

*I've found you can steam most thrifted ties to get the wrinkles out of them, but try not to get them too damp. Many people suggest hanging them (if they aren't knit) to gently relax the wrinkles. Another method is coiling--wrapping the tie around your palm and storing it that way, to remove winkles. 

I love the details on this vest. The extra buttons and the 4 pockets make it much more interesting than your average grey wool vest. Perfect for this fall! Who's excited for all the fall layering pieces like these!? It won't be long before we can't walk outside without an extra layer. Yikes!


  1. Hey there...looks good...and guys better stock up on sweaters and vests...the winters here can be brutal...

    1. Yep...I currently have like 3 sweaters. I'm sooo picky when it comes to sweaters. lol! Clearly I'm running out of time to get it together though. I should do a sweater shopping spree post soon. If you don't see it, then assume I'm freezing my butt off. lol!

  2. Let the layering begin! I love the fall.

    Dope retro tie and I love the pairings you did with the vest. Thanks for the tie tips. Girl last time I thrifted ties (I think we might have been together), I washed them. Needless to say, they were ruined. I plan on investing in more this winter.

    1. Nooo not the ties for yourself! The ones from VV? Well at least you learned with the ones from the thrift store.
      I'm excited for all the layering that is about to happen! :D

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