Friday, October 11, 2013

Shop Thriftionary + Ralph Lauren's vintage inspiration spring '14

Hey guys! As I cruised tons of NYFW posts, pins, and articles I saw some really cool new trends on the horizon, specifically from Ralph Lauren. One of my favorite pieces in my Shop Thriftionary store is the Ann Taylor point collar dress, and as you can see Ralph Lauren debuted a strikingly similar one at NYFW for spring '14.   Kinda cool right?!

Ralph Lauren photo via

Ralph had plenty of other mod 60s inspired looks you should check out too! 

photo via

I love both versions; particularly the styling of the Ralph Lauren shift dress. I will say, I the like details on Shop Thriftionary's version a bit more though. The endless buttons down the back and cuffed sleeves won me over!  And of course the price points make a difference too.  

Also– I just sold another one of my favorite pieces a couple days ago... 
Remember the beautiful woven Orvis vest? It's well on its way to a new obviously stylish owner. :) 

 (Look...I've been working on my packaging skills. 
More on that later...)

Hope everyone is having a great week and
happy Friday!


  1. Love that dress with the button back detail. But what's up with those fly shoes?

    1. Haha! Sing, I love those yellow shoes, but I think they may just be for "funzies". They're that vintage pleather material thats hardened so they kind of assault my toes if I attempt to walk very far in them. Rarely do I do it, but I bought these just to look at. Lol!