Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brooklyn Bound + Apartment Hunting Adventure!

So it's finally arrived! It's time to start actually putting things in boxes to move!
You probably already know this if you follow me on Instagram, but if not.... We're moving to Brooklyn, NY in just a few short weeks. 

 Getting an apartment in NY is not the easiest process, in addition to it being expensive (ie "brokers fees" <--thought that was a joke at first), apartments come and go very quickly, and depending on who you know, or don't know the process can be long and difficult! All of that aside, we were blessed to find something nice and affordable the first day, it can be done despite what people say. 

We spent all of last week apartment searching, here are a few photos from our adventure! 

 This Thrift/Army Surplus store was super cool! It was off of the very crowded Canal Street in Manhattan, on Church Street I believe.
Since camo is back with a vengence, I'm sure they have no problems at all selling all of their military fatigues!

 People keep saying that NYC's thriftstores aren't as "thrifty" as the shops in the south, but I didn't find that to be true at all! They had quite comparable prices at this particular store. I think these ties were 3 for $5 or something like that. Now these vintage scarves were a bit more, but they were very pretty!

Mr. Thrifteer bought this cool military mail bag. He'd been searching for something durable, but light weight for some time.
Saw these pretty bangles in an African diasporic store off of Flatbush Ave...
 Love, loved these dresses! The one I wanted just so happened to be $180
...soooo i'll be learning to sew soon. If anyone knows of some places willing to teach a hand-sewing beginner let me know. I can mend and make darn good pillow cases though!
 I just kind of liked this photo of the drums in this store... so neat!
 This is the pattern on the hundred dollar dress.... there were so many layers of fabric I could see why it was so expensive. 
 This is part of the store front...
look at all those lovely prints! 

This is what some of the houses in Bed-Stuy look like. We stayed in a similar home during our vist. 
Look at all of that parking... another not-always-true "truth" about homes in NY.

Arts and Crafts at a school! 

I took this photo of a church in Bed-Stuy while we waited for the bus.
Transportation in NYC is super efficient!  

Oh did I mention that we had tasty food while we were there too?
This was from a place called Elora's in Park Slope.

One interesting thing about brownstones.... the stairs.
So these stairs literally sound like ducks when you step on them. Every brownstone we went in had really old, really cool looking "Harry Potter-ish" stairways.... kind of liked them.
  Yummy basil roll snack! This place in Park Slope made Thai sandwiches, aaaand that's about it. 
I don't really like tofu, but the spicy tofu "chicken" sandwich they made us was delicious! 

So much work to do this week. Gotta get a move on! 


  1. Ugh! I'm kinda jealous and kinda not at the same time. Lol! Those dresses, tho--Gorge! LOVED them. And all that food...hmph, hmph, hmph. I'm so happy for ya'll. :-D

    1. Apeezy! Why would you be, you already know how moving this stuff will be, AND your boothang is from right down the street. I'm sure you will be in NY alot more often now! New adventures ahead!

  2. Welcome to NY...FIT - The Fashion Institute of Technology offers continuing education classes where you can learn how to sew...check out their website. Don't worry...they offer very beginner classes.

    1. Thank you! FIT...Okay i will look into that. Thats exactly what I want too 'continuing education' classes! Yes! Thanks so much!

  3. “Getting an apartment in NY is not the easiest process…” – I agree. Everything change at the last minute. I’m glad that despite the long process, you still ended up getting your apartment. How was the experience, by the way?

    Leslie @ The Bolton Home Team

    1. Hi Leslie! Finding an apartment wasn't so bad but only because we heard enough horror stories to come overly prepared. We actually found one within our first 4 hours in Brooklyn, so the rest of the week consisted of exploring and making sure we could get around town with and without a car.