Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Memorial Day Weekend Moving Sale

Hi guys! It seems like it's been quite some time since my last post.
Well, I'm moving to NYC in just a few short weeks! Getting prepared to move has been quite a process, and really downsizing has proven to be sort of difficult. We had our very first yard sale yesterday, selling so many of the things I've collected over the past few years.
This lovely lady was trying on one of my 80s dresses! She ended up settling on a polka dot pleated skirt and a nautical dress. 

Look at this super cute purse she was carrying! It was her grandmother's. Her grandmother had amazing style, the things that they pull from her collection are always eye catching.

While I was choosing my items to sell and price, I wanted to make sure it was the "yard sale that I'd like to find", so I was sure to price and set up everything with that in mind.



Look at my orange recliner in it's new home! How cool?! Some of our customers have great taste too!
One really nice lady was so excited about her chair and coffee table, she sent me a couple of photos of the pieces in their new home! The coffee table had a water spot on it and she buffed it right out and blended paint on it the same day!

 Glad that some of my things were purchased by creative people like her.

Voila! She's pretty amazing right?!

One lady literally grabbed my arm an dragged me around my sofa when she heard that I was holding out on my vintage clothing collection inside the house. It was hilarious and kind of scary at the same time.  I'm still struggling to part with some of my things, I just want them to go to people who care about them, and will take care of them as I have. I did sell her this brown vintage dress with a faux collar and some cute belts.

I met some really cool people that live in my neighborhood.
And like any yard sale, we also attracted some of those people that drive around with a truck and haggle and dang near fight you for what you have (because they own a resale shop, which I called them out on because they had gotten quite rude). LOL! I am proud of myself for sticking to my guns for the most part though

I don't think I will be parting with these paintings, people didn't seem to like the prices of them, but they really are one-of-a-kind! I'm actually excited to keep them.:)

Thinking of posting some things on Etsy in the next few weeks....
We shall see!

Hope you all enjoyed your long Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Wow...wow...wow...keep the paintings...I love that someone sent you a pic of the chair in it's new home...how cool is that...Good luck with getting rid of as much as you can...NYC apartments are notoriously small....looking forward to seeing you soon...

    1. I will keep the paintings! At least I promised that I wouldn't accumulate so much ::ahem:: decor ...if I kept them. lol! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. The chair goes perfectly in its new home! How nice of them to send you a pic. Having yard sales stresses me out big time, especially in the Southern heat. Attending them however...
    Scored an Anthopologie dress last week for a quarter. Got a little shopper's high from that one.

    1. I love Anthro, but not their prices, so finding a dress for ONE quarter would have definitely gotten me hype! Awesome find! Oh yes, and battling the heat can be a challenge all its own. Luckily we had a decent breeze, even with the hot Georgia sun.